EICMA | Mailand

Schuberth GmbH is a leading company for the production of High-Tech-Helmets and accessories, based in Magdeburg, Germany. Their new brand design was developed by Jung von Matt/brand identity with orange as leading corporate colour. The international Bicycle Fair EICMA 2015 was the premiere for the new brand design. Schuberth also presented their new E1 and SR2 helmets there.

The concept and design for the exhibtion design was developed by raumHOCH together with Jung von Matt/brand identity. Orange and white surfaces are juxtaposed – so the exhibtion stand has a strong colour concept and makes a difference, even for visitors still standing further away.

The absolute sensation: 288 orange helmets hanging from the ceiling in a dynamic form. This expanse, only formed by straight lines, finally forms a hyperbolic paraboloid. Schuberths „heaven full of helmets“ was one of the trade fair pictures most shown in social media – besides bicycles and female models in shorts. The bars holding the helmets were passed to the exhibition construction company cut to the exact millimeter length by the designers to assure the correct apparition of the helmet heaven. Its dynamic form evokes the idea of mouvement, bicycle riding and street curves.

raumHOCH was responsible for both the architecture of the trade fair stand and the new furniture design. All the furniture bases were cut by 45 degrees and so follow a core idea of the brand logo.

Services: Conception, Draft, Advice for execution
for: Jung von Matt/brand identity
Image rights: raumHOCH