Siemens AG

SiemensForum | Munich

In the course of constructing the new headquarters the SiemensForum in Munich will be used as a management board. For this purpose raumHOCH and Milla & Partner designed a modular exhibition world which serves as the company’s business card.
The focal point of the exhibition is a bronze statue of the founder and pioneer Werner von Siemens. The center is surrounded by four exhibition modules, dealing with the up-to-date subjects “demographic change”, “urbanization”, “globalization” and “climate change”. Current Siemens solutions are contrasted with historical milestones and provide an outlook into the future.
People can visit the exhibition on their own or in a guided tour. A media system allows individually configurable tours. While waiting, you can relax in the lounge of the foyer.
The high-quality design and marteriality of the representive foyer vividly demonstrate the corporate values.

Benefits: Cooperation Concept, Draft, Implementation Planning, Visualization
For: Milla & Partner (Advice | Creative Direction | Project Management)
Image rights: Siemens | Jurga Graf