The magic of healing

interaktive media application | Hospice of the Holy Spirit, Meersburg

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of F.A. Mesmer's death, Demirag Architekten designed a special exhibition entitled "the Magic of Healing" in the Hospice of the Holy Spirit in Meersburg. Visitors could wander through six small rooms to find out more about Mesmer's legacy, to get to know his methods and to discover how medicine from past times is used and understood today. Three hundred square metres of space simulated the age of enlightenment and held historical exhibitions ranging from the dissertation on a spherical electrostatic generator to the first X-rays ever produced. The exhibition considered medical, physical and psychological aspects.
The dual-language interactive media application entitled "Discovery of Electricity in the Age of Enlightenment" was created and edited using the presentation system cloudFOLIO. 


Services: programming
for: Demirag Architekten (exhibition design, editing, screen design) 
Image rights: Demirag Architekten, Chris Schaal, raumHOCH