What do you like about Berlin?
I was born here, I grew up here and I never want to leave. It’s the only city in which I can imagine living. We native Berliners have the first-world problem of having grown up in a terrific city and having no reason to go anywhere else. I feel right at home here.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to do something with computers – that was the first thing with which I was really fascinated. When I was a kid, I made computers out of cardboard with a screen through which you could feed paper – for scrolling. I have to point out that at least the scientific training in the GDR was structured very well. In Berlin back then, there were lots of activities for youths so that you could learn programming early on. The father of a friend of mine from school taught me – but I had to write my first programme on graph paper.

But then you studied architecture.
Yes, back then, I had the idea - admittedly, a somewhat crazy one - that studying IT was not a big challenge. However, it became clear to me relatively quickly that I didn’t want to work as an architect – virtual reality was just the thing for me. All the same, what I learnt at university still helps me enormously today – for example, when it comes to usability.