Which educational experience do you remember fondly?
A long time ago – but it really made an impression. As a child, I was often looked after in the afternoons at a type of educational institution and there were extremely good supervisors working there. I was telling one of them about the vector calculations we were working on in school – and he turned a computer on and explained to me step-by-step how you can apply vector calculus “meaningfully” – he programmed a small computer game and then gave me the task to finish writing it quickly. On the whole, I find that kids in school should get more information about why they’re learning something or for what purposes they can use it, because then you can have lots of fun actively applying your knowledge.

And what will you do when you retire? What else?
I’ll put on a pair of virtual reality glasses! I used to think that I’d buy a sailboat, but I’m not so sure anymore. A house in the Alps would also be nice, but it could be a bit too expensive. But seriously: I’m completely convinced that virtual reality could actually be the perfect thing for older people. For example, if you can only just lie in bed, then, thanks to virtual reality, you can still have an adventure - instead of just staring at the ceiling.