At this point, we usually ask which memory you associate with your favourite ice cream. Unfortunately, you don’t have a favourite ice cream flavour, so we’ll have to ask you something else: what does ice cream mean to you?
A reward for persevering on a hot day. Or after a stressful phase at work. It’s got a lot to do with taking a break and enjoying it. For me, eating ice cream is more about the moment itself rather than the what and where.

And why is it so important that there’s no alcohol in your ice cream?
Alcohol doesn’t belong in ice cream as far as I’m concerned, simply because it doesn’t taste good.

What do you like about Berlin?
I come from Weimar, but somehow Berlin always drew me in. The energy fascinates me. And you can still live a small-town life here, if you stay in your Kiez. And I love Berlin for its many green oases and culinary diversity.