Which book is on the top left hand side of your bookcase?
“Discourse Networks” by Friedrich Kittler. I know exactly because I just rearranged my bookcase.

Who is allowed to call you tomorrow and suggest a collaboration?
Oh, if I can pick and choose, then Stapferhaus Lenzburg, close to Zürich. Their exhibitions cover topical issues and their approach to change is admirable: visitors leave Stapferhaus a different person to when they arrived. Their strategy corresponds strongly with the reason why I develop exhibitions myself. They track down social phenomena and implement them in the room. Alternatively, I would also love a call from Daniel Tyradellis, an exhibition designer in whose seminars I participated at the Bauhaus Uni in Weimar. I learnt a lot about how to think about exhibitions. I’d love to work with him again.

What do you do to make the world a bit better?
I strongly believe that education is the key to the success of our social interaction. With exhibitions, you can inspire people, expose them to the unknown or disrupt their certainties in a pleasant way during their free time – simply because they begin to think about the world in a different way. If I had become a scientist, I probably would have written many articles that no-one reads. In this way, I can use my skills to structure knowledge and make it accessible, perhaps even setting something into motion now and then.