Multichannel Presentation App with Content-Management-System

The task was to create and programme a distribution supportive multichannel presentation platform for the presentation of the WELT media such as „DIE WELT”,”WELT AM SONNTAG” or “WELT KOMPAKT”.
With the support of a web based content management the editorial staff in Berlin can edit texts and adapt them to the special needs of the costumers.The salses staff of the WELT group uses the iPad or a laptop for the tagerget orientated and moder demonstration of the current facts and numbers around the media of the Axel Springer publishing company.
Without any interference by the sales representive the current figures are always presented on-site. And a basis of decision-making is guaranteed for the potential advertisers. Furthermore the brand boosts its modern image and the trend-conscious use of new distribution channels.


Services: Concept, Draft, Planning, Visualization, Software Programming, Media Production
for: IPW In Puncto Werbung | Berlin
Image rights: raumHOCH