What did you love about the village in which you grew up?
Looking back, it was the perfect place to be a kid. We had lots of freedom and plenty of space, we could careen through the streets with our bikes. As a teenager, suddenly you find everything boring and would prefer to live in London. But life in the countryside made me who I am and I am convinced: growing up in the countryside keeps you younger at heart. You get used to a completely different rhythm, you take more time to do things than you would in the city. Living in this relaxed way keeps you young. Besides, it’s a great excuse to have on hand if you behave a bit strangely: sorry, I had no idea – I grew up in the countryside.

What do you like about Hamburg?
Truly, I find it to be the most beautiful city in the world. We’ve got great architecture, lots of green spaces, the Elbe, the city is colourful and diverse. There are plenty of stars, we now finally have the Elbphilharmonie, for which we paid a lot of money. And we have two soccer teams in the first and second leagues … hopefully it stays that way.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? And what changed?
A helicopter pilot. But at some point, that was too technical for me. Then I started to get interested in other things like acting and music. And so I became what I always wanted to be when I was a kid.