And today, what do you tell people when you’re at a party and they ask what you do for work?
I’m an entertainer in the classic sense. Not the kind that stands solo behind a keyboard – although I really admire what these people do. “An entertainer in the classic sense” for me means presenter, actor, singer and host.

Which educational experience do you remember fondly?
A class trip in 1987. We were in Grade 11 and the trip was to a German political seminar about East-West conflict and the chances for a reunification. We spoke to many political actors but also with people in the army. It was the first time that we students had ever put so much thought into the topic. Many were convinced that there would be no reunification. But I thought: the people in the East think the same way we do. Like us, they just want to somehow have a good life, a job, to earn a bit of money and to be reassured that their kids get a good education. And I was sure at this time that the reunification would happen.