Country Life Keeps You Young!

Name: Yared Dibaba, Northern Light, Entertainer and Country Bumpkin

Favourite Ice-Cream Flavour: Vanilla

Favourite Ice-Cream Parlour: Lots of them. Yared likes the one at the Hamburger Pferdemarkt, because the ice-cream really is hand-made there – and they use quite exotic ingredients like rhubarb or interesting spices. Apart from that, he knows of two really good ice-cream parlours in Ottensen. And then there’s Filippi in Großen Bergstraße – a real original – because the shop has been around for 60 years and also because the kids manage to get a bit of extra ice-cream whenever they go there.

Why we’re eating ice-cream with him: As a host and presenter, Yared moves in the same circles as we do: for him and for us, it’s all about making complex interrelationships simple to understand for a particular audience. We’ve admired each other’s work since we collaborated years ago and have loved going out together for ice-cream ever since. And now we’re finally making it public.

What memory do you associate with your favourite ice-cream flavour?
My childhood in the countryside surrounding Oldenburg. The ice-cream truck always came to us in the village. When the bell rang, it was like the Pied Piper of Hamlin: all the kids ran out onto the street like a magnet had pulled them in. It was summer and for 20 pennies, you treated yourself to an ice-cream. My favourite flavour back then was “Malaga” – ice-cream named for its real bourbon vanilla base. At some point I found the raisins a bit much, but my love affair with vanilla never died.