3D Foyer Olé

3D Foyer Olé

Vector Virtual Week
Worldwide via the Internet
Conceptual design, programming, implementation
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Consulting in 3D

Five days of networking, live presentations, product launches and company news – 5 days of all-round consulting in 3D. The Vector Virtual Week 2020 was in no way inferior to a physical in-house exhibition. On the contrary: we saved on petrol and print brochures and protected our fellow human beings to boot.

One foyer, many opportunities

Based on Vector’s real headquarters, we created a virtual foyer in which various interaction areas were embedded or directly integrated. For example, a live stage show, product presentations or – for the breaks – can throwing with different levels of difficulty. Starting from individually branded 3D cubes, further exhibitor rooms with experts could be entered, and rooms with personal contact persons were also available at any time at the info counter or in the café bar.

With pleasure again – and soon

With over 1400 visitors, a comprehensive online programme and countless opportunities for discussion, Vector met the current technical and communicative challenge and created an exciting, interactive brand experience. We would like to thank Vector for another successful collaboration and look forward to the next project in the Youniverse. Perhaps then with a comprehensive sales dashboard to make it even easier for sales to work from home. And we are already working on the next level of can throwing.